Advantages of Silicone-free Thermal Tape in LED Application

Silicone-free Thermal Tape

No oil bleeding, no volatile, especially for LED Panel Light

Led Panel Light is a important member of Led light family, and widely used

in office building and mall. Usually the power of Panel light is 36W, it will generate a lot of heat. Thermal tape is a critical part to LED Panel Light because  modulus thermolysis is a important link in integrate product.

Led Panel Light is an optical product, siloxane volatiles must be considered in design. Because an element called Polydimethyl siloxane in thermal tape will volatile vary with time and temperature. The volatiles will attach on the beads and panel causing various problems.

In order to settle these problems, a thermal tape without Polydimethyl siloxane avoiding siloxane volatiles is needed and this will offer enough luminous flux. products in thickness-0.15mm and 0.25mm are available.