Thermal Insulation Fiberglass(Thermal Insulator)

Thermal Insulation Fiberglass combines thermally conductive and insulation. Unlike traditional low thermal conductivity fiberglass with ceramic powder filler, XK-F series is a composite of high performance ceramic filler and 30um thin fiberglass, achieving high thermal conductivity on flatness surface with low pressure. Recommended using for TO220/TO3P where insulation is needed.

Literally, both function of thermally conductive and electrical insolating can effect, GLPOLY Silicone insolating fiberglass is composite of high performance ceramic powder and 30um ultra thin fiberglass, it can achieve low thermal contact resistance with low stress on flat surface. GLPOLY thermal insolating fiberglass can compete with Silpad series products.

GLPOLY thermal insulation fiberglass is UL94 certified, and its easy to handle.  Applied to TO3, TO 220, power supply etc where requires high insulation