Viscosity of Thermal Tape

Viscosity of thermal tape

Viscosity is frequently asked when customer inquiry thermal tape, the author edits this FAQ for customers selecting thermal tape easily.

Is thermal tape self adhesive? Is it double-sided self adhesive? Literally, thermal  double–sided tape is that adhesive applied to both sides. It has high thermal performance and electrical insolating properties and other features such as flexibility, compressibility,  conformability and viscosity.

Is the bonding strong? The bonding strength is effected by several elements, such as handling mode, application stress, temperature and time, the bonding strength can not be judged by touch by hand, 1) keep the interface dry and clean, 2) after stick the thermal tape to interface, apply stress to it slightly, 3) the viscosity has two phases: initial viscosity and constant viscosity. At room temperature, the viscosity will become strong gradually in 72 hours, 4) the viscosity relate to external temperature. Increasing the temperature properly can make the bonding strength maximum.

If the viscosity is not enough, can we increase the gum to thermal tape? The gum will increase thermal resistance decrease thermal conductivity.

The viscosity of our thermal tape is certificated to UL QOQW2. More details please feel free to contact.