GLPOLY Thermal Putty Pad Compare with FJ Thermal Gap Filler

GLPOLY thermal putty pad is suitable for large institutional design tolerances, it is a excellent gap filler for its high compressibility

Compare to FJ PE thermal gap filler, GLPOLY thermal pad has some specific advantages:

High thermal conductivity-8W/mK: this feature overtakes most of the thermal interface materials’, also it beats FJ PE

Low thermal resistance: thermal resistance of GLPOLY thermal putty pad is 0.01-0.04 Kin2/W lower than  that of FJ PE in different compression phases

High compressibility: the compressibility of GLPOLY thermal putty pad(gap filler) is as high as 90%, in application, a 1.5mm thickness thermal pad can be compressed to 0.2mm or less. The application scope is broader than FJ PE’s.

From the comparison data above, GLPOLY thermal putty pad can perfectly replace FJ PE with the excellent thermal performance