EMI shielding PCM thermal pad (gap filler)

Thermal EMI Absorption PCM thermal pad(gap filler) is a unity of thermal conductive, EMI absorption and phase change. We’ll introduce this type briefly.

Thermal performance: GLPOLY thermal EMI absorption PCM gap filler has excellent thermal performance, the thermal conductivity is 1.5W/mK, and thermal resistance is only 0.053in2/W at the BLT of 1 mil, its performance is similar to CGE products. But, GLPOLY can offer the product in 0.2mm thickness, it is thinner than CGE and it is helpful to optimize the design.

Phase change: 54° phase change temperature was selected for GLPOLY’s products. It is low a low temperature for phase change to occur in applications, and it would not phase change in transport. The higher phase change temperature eliminates the possibility of a product being ruined in shipment.