Competitive advantages of GLPOLY thermal putty pad

GLPOLY putty pad is developed on the basis of thermal pad, it is a upgrade to thermal pad with high thermal conductivity, high reliability, good flowability and filling performance under high compression condition. Currently, F-poly X-PE was well-known for its excellent performance. Though Glpoly is not a famous brand at present, we can see the difference by comparing GLPOLY putty pad with F-poly X-PE.

GLPOLY thermal putty pad is high compressive, the compressibility is up to 90% and suitable for filling a gap at 0.2mm or less. The filling capacity of GLPOLY thermal pad is as excellent as F-poly X-PE’s.

The breakdown voltage of GLPOLY thermal putty pad is 15KV, the insulation is greater than most of gap filler’s and ensures the device run reliably.

GLPOLY thermal putty pad is applicable to various contact surface, such as flatness surface, rough surface and stepped conditions for its flexibility property. It offers the complete contact between any heat generating devices and a heat sink.

The LWM is extremely low in GLPOLY thermal putty pad, this will eliminate the possibility of a product being ruined by siloxane volatiles.