GLPOLY Thermal Pad(gap filler) and Kerathermo 86/200

Keratherm 86/200 is a popular brand of Kerafol, it has been on sale for many years, and is still attracting customers’ attention. Why do customers lay royalty to this product for so many year?

Firstly, the orientation of this product is really precise. It is designed for automotive, medical device and aerospace industry. These customers have specific requirements on the product, the sustained demand will be available when the quality has been approved.

Secondly, this product is in accordance with the concept of lightweight, the density is 1.6g/cm3 and it is lower than most of the relative products.

GLPOLY has developed a thermal pad against Keratherm 86/200, designed for electrical vehicle battery thermal management system(BMS). Smooth fiberglass and ultra soft gel are used in construction, it offers excellent softness and compressibility. It conforms to the trend of light weight with a lower density of 1.6g/cm3.

GLPOLY thermal pad is fiberglass reinforced for puncture, shear and tear resistance.