Thermal gap filler Gel and Chomerics Gel 60

GLPOLY thermal gel is a high performance, 100% curing thermal interface material, especially suitable for electronics thermal management.

So far, the most popular brand of thermal gel is Chomerics for it’s Thermal-A-Gap Gel 60 and well accepted by customers.

GLPOLY high performance thermal gap filler has been developed against Chomerics Thermal-A-Gap Gel 60 with the properties of high thermal conductivity of 6.0W/mK, good filling capability. The particle size of GLPOLY thermal gel is 80 microns, the bond line thickness is only 0.08mm thickness. It offers complete contact between the surfaces and more excellent thermal performance.

GLPOLY thermal gel is in single-part syringe requires no cure cycle, refrigeration and mixing, reducing the cost. The thermal gel can be stored at room temperature without special treatment.