GLPOLY Silicone-free Thermal Gel

Silicone free thermal gel

Silicone Thermal Grease offers excellent thermal performance: low bond line thickness, low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity. At present Shinetsu X-23-7762 and Dowcorning TC-5022, TC-5622 are the most popular products worldwide.

GLPOLY has developed a silicone free type of grease with the thermal performance as good as silicone thermal grease. Comparing with traditional thermal grease, this silicone free thermal grease has the feature-no silicone oil leakage, no siloxane volatiles. Under high temperature circumstance, the silicone oil of  traditional thermal grease will volatilize and affect the performance and lifetime of product; the silicone free thermal grease will not pollute products because of the features of not drying, no pump-out.

The thermal conductivity of GLPOLY silicone free thermal grease is 4.6W/mK, it’s a little greater that Dowcorning TC-5622, but the thermal resistance is only 0.006℃in2/W, one tenth of Dowcorning TC-5622; furthermore, the density of GLPOLY silicone free thermal grease is less than Dowcorning TC-5622, it’s in accordance with the trend of lightweight. It allows the designer pay more attention to optimize performance and the design.