Thermal Gap Filler Pad Competitive Advantages

GLPOLY thermal pad is featuring a high thermal conductivity of 6.0W/mK, it’s higher than that of most of competitor. Comparing with BQ 5000S35, the data will shows that GLPOLY thermal gap filler pad can perfectly replace the BQ 5000S35.

Firstly, the thermal conductivity of GLPOLY thermal gap filler pad is higher that that of BQ 5000S35; the thermal resistance is only 0.16℃in2/W, it’s just one tenth of BQ 5000S35. Comparison data reflects that GLPOLY thermal gap filler pad offers more excellent thermal performance that BQ5000S35.

For the electrical property, the dielectric breakdown voltage is 16KV, it’s 3 times greater than BQ 5000S35’s. this will ensure the stability of performance of devices.

The material yields extremely soft characteristics while maintaining elasticity and conformability. Conforms to demanding contours and maintains structural integrity with little or no stress applied to fragile components. The inherent natural tack on both sides assists in application and allows the products to effectively fill gaps, reducing thermal resistance and enhancing  the overall thermal performance.

GLPOLY thermal gap filler pad is ideal for high-performance application at low stress or pressure.