Silicone free Thermal Gap Filler Pad

Traditional silicone thermal pad volatilizes silicone oil in high temperature condition. It will affect the operation stability of product. 

GLPOLY developed silicone free thermal gap filler pad against this disadvantage. It contains no silicone, no siloxane volatiles, and keep device running stability.

GLPOLY silicone free thermal gap filler pad offers excellent softness and conformability. This allows thermal pad protecting parts by dampening vibration. GLPOLY thermal pad has a low density, this accords with the trend of lightweight. The thickness is 0.5mm through 5.0mm, satisfying different demand.

GLPOLY thermal gap filler pad has excellent thermal properties. The thermal conductivity is 2.0W/mK and thermal resistance is only 0.37°Cin2/W, it offers more excellent thermal properties than similar products.