Stressless silicone thermal gel

Silicone thermal gel is one of the most advanced thermal interface materials, having the features of high thermally conductive, low thermal resistance, excellent conformability and high electrically insulation.

GLPOLY silicone thermal gel is suitable for a various application in different thickness. The comparison data between GLPOLY silicone thermal gel and ST KE-1867 shows the benefits and disadvantages of GLPOLY  thermal gel:

GLPOLY thermal gel has the features of high thermally conductive, low thermal resistance like grease, the thermal conductivity is 3.2W/mK, it surpasses ST KE-1867 thermal property. The ST KE-1867 has excellent electrically insulation which is not comparable by other manufacturers: high electrically insulation up to 23KV.GLPOLY will keep optimizing the design till the GLPOLY thermal gel comes into perfect. Density of GLPOLY thermal gel is 2.9g/cm3, meeting the requirement of lightweight.

GLPOLY thermal gel is packed in syringe, which is suitable for automatic assembly and convenient for purchasing and storing. Not drying and infinite compressibility allow complete contact between thermal interface material and heat sink, optimizing the thermal conducting.