Electrically Insulation PCM

thermal gap filler pad, thermal gap filler, thermal gel, silicone free gap filler

GLPOLY Thermally conductive insulation PCM is a high thermal and dielectric performance insulator pad consisting of a ceramic filled phase change compound coated on Kapton film. It has a similar construction to Laird K52 thermally conductive insulator.

Thermally conductive PCM insulator has excellent electrically insulation, the dielectric breakdown voltage is over 4000 Volts, which makes the operation stable.

The phase change temperature is 56 degree, it higher than Laird Tgard K52. GLPOLY study shows that the temperature will be over 50 degree in container in transportation, the higher phase change temperature eliminates the possibility of being ruined at elevated temperature.

After phase change, the thermally conductive insulator will run and fill the small gaps likes grease; also the self adhesion replace the adhesive for easily handling; Kapton film reinforced for puncture, shear and tear resistance.

GLPOLY is committed to the design, development and manufacture of thermal interface materials for 18 years, business includes thermal pad, thermal gap filler, thermal putty, thermal tape, thermal insulator and silicone free type of thermal interface conductive.