How to select quality thermally conductive insulator?

There are three criterions:

1. The thickness of thermally conductive insulator, the conventional thickness of thermal insulator is 0.1mm through 0.5mm, but the common thickness is 0.25mm. when you are in the market of thermal insulator, the manufacturer will recommend the thermal insulator at a proper thickness. If the recommended thickness is greater than 0.5mm, it should not be the appropriate one. Because the thicker thermally conductive insulator has a greater thermal resistance, what’s more, the supplier use greater thickness to strengthen the electrically insulation;

2. The dielectric strength, the advantage of thermal insulator is that it offers high dielectric strength at a very thin thickness. Mostly the withstand voltage is over 3KV at 0.25 thickness;

3. The thermal conducting, the thermal performance depends on the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance. Sometimes, the supplier provides a high thermal conductivity, but the thermal management is not good as expected. That’s because the supplier used the fiberglass with greater thermal resistance.

When we select the thermally conductive insulator and thermal gap filler pad, thermal gap filler, thermal gel, silicone free gap fillerthe elements stated above should be taken care.