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Thermal Conductive Structural Adhesive XK-D30 Perfectly Solved the Thermal conduction and Anti-vibration Problems of An Automatic Auxiliary Driving Controller in Shanghai  

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A customer from shanghai which relates to automatic auxiliary driving controller complained to me that the thermal conductive structural adhesive ordered by the personnel purchasing of the customer company from one famous e-commerce platform,  but it could not meet the test requirements, and wasted a lot of time. Due to the urgency of the project, He was like an ant on a hot pan then.

Regarding the customer's anxiety those days, i really hope that customer could find us earlier, so that he would not be so painful for so long.


 Actually it was very easy to solve his problem. We directly sent a sample of thermal conductive structural adhesive XK-D30 with a mixing tube on the same day. After receiving the sample, the customer could directly do high temperature and vibration test.  


In less than a week, the customer gave us the feedback on the test results, and all indicators are excellent, the cooling problem was perfectly solved, and the vibration and flipping test, the thermal conductive structural adhesive did not move.  The customer happily told us that it was the product he was looking for.  He immediately placed a mini order for 60 units of thermal conductive structural adhesive, and made a special call to thank me to solve his pressing problem.  Viewed from this angle, Glpoly XK-D30 perfectly solved the thermal conductive and anti-vibration problems of an automatic auxiliary driving controller company  in Shanghai.  

In fact, No need to say that the product performance of E-commercial platform  is not credible. some manufacturers of TDS products are a lot of virtual data, and even a lot of thermal management engineers are fooled. so we should carefully choose reliable thermal conductive structural adhesive manufacturers .This is the key point!  


GLPOLY  spent three years completing all the testing and verification.  Thermal conductive structural adhesive XK-D30 has excellent quality:  

1. There is almost no rival in the four indicators of strength, toughness, thermal conductivity and insulation. At most, there are only two of them but no advantages in the same category.  

2. It can sustain the impact of 12 meters free fall and superimpose the speed of 120km/h. The bond strength is 30% higher than that of counterpart products.  

3, Bolt assemblies are not required, volume increase nearly 20%, battery pack parts reduce nearly 40%, productivity increase nearly 50%, counterparts products can not do that.  

4, Adhesive thickness ≥ 0.28mm, 2500V can not breakdown, breakdown strength can reach 14 kV/mm, 40% higher than competive products.  

5, Double 85 aging test 1000 hours, performance attenuation of less than 5%, compared with polyurethane aging 500 hours, performance attenuation of 30-40%.  

6, The service life of XK-D30 is more than 25 years, 3 times higher than the counterpart products, the whole life cycle of the service car (road service + battery recycling).  



Glpoly thermal conductive structural adhesive has qualifications assurance and after-sales service.  We have our own factory, and we are ready for customers’ inspection:  

1. Compared with counterparts, Glpoly factory has a more complete testers, which can test more than 30 performance, data and the report data could be assured factual and reliable . 

2. For the experiment of accelerating aging at high temperature, the Institute of High Energy of Chinese Academy of Sciences gave us praise.  

3. Military-grade quality control, there have been no quality complaints for 13 consecutive years.  

4. It is the designated supplier of General Department of Nation Defense Equipment , Chinese Academy of Sciences High Energy Institute, including Huawei, DJI, NIO and other first-line brands.  

5. It is the constant value of Goldlink Tongda Factory to ensure consistent quality between samples and bulk goods, which is regarded as life.  


In the field of thermal conductive structural adhesive, if Glpoly can not do it, there is no need to look for second one in China!  


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