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Modified epoxy thermal conductive structural adhesive has a long-term service life of 25 years, easily overturned polyurethane system of that.

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Automotive grade thermal conductivity structural adhesive has always been the difficulty of thermal conductivity and structural bonding of the power battery of new energy vehicles,  it has caused a headaches for many power battery manufacturers


GLPOLY automotive grade two-component modified epoxy thermal conductivity structural adhesive XK-D12L not only solves the problem of insufficient aging life of the traditional polyurethane system thermal conductivity structural adhesive, but also can greatly extend the vehicle range and service life of new energy vehicles.


Modified epoxy thermal conductive structural adhesive has a long-term service life of 25 years, easily rolled polyurethane system thermal conductive structural adhesive.However, China is full of traditional manufacturers of polyurethane system thermal conductive structural adhesive, 3-6 months of short-term product test and service without any problems.


Once with the acceleration of customer's long-term (generally 2-3 years) aging performance  test verification, product stratification, serious performance attenuation and other various problems followed. Which surprised many vehicle manufacturers and new energy battery manufacturers surprised t, it directly results that  many customers are look for foreign thermal adhesive factories for cooperation.


However, the appearance of GLPOLY automotive grade two-component modified epoxy  thermal conductive structural adhesive XK-D12L completely reversed the unfavorable situation of domestic automotive grade thermal conductive structural adhesive.Actually it has won the recognition of many new energy vehicle customers and cell manufacturing enterprises.

At the beginning of the year, a well-known domestic cell manufacturer was in a hot spot in order to find an automotive grade thermal conductive structural adhesive.


When he was at a loss, another customer, whom we have been cooperating with, introduced him to our company. He communicated with us about the problems of the thermal conductive structure adhesive of the polyurethane system used before and a series of troubles brought by the latter, and expressed his detailed requirements to find a product with long service life and stable performance.


After in-depth communication with the customer, our company recommended our automotive grade modified epoxy thermal conductive structural adhesiveXK-D12L, and we sent the product specifications and relevant internal aging test report to the customer for evaluation.After internal evaluation and analysis, the customer asked us to arrange samples for corresponding test and verification.Due to the urgent needs of the project, an unconventional accelerated aging test was used to verify the test, which lasted only one month.One month later, the test results surprised the customer. GLPOLY automotive grade thermal conductive structural adhesive XK-D12L passed the customer's aging test verification, and the test results also confirmed that our company's automotive-grade modified epoxy thermal conductivity structural adhesive XK-D12L is superior to the peer polyurethane thermal conductive structural adhesive.


GLPOLY modified epoxy thermal conductive structural adhesive XK-D12L long-term service life thoroughly crushed the prevailing market polyurethane system thermal conductivity structural adhesive.Now we have started batch delivery to customers, which is highly recognized by customers.


At present, the thermal conductive silicone sheet, thermal conductive gel and other thermal conductive materialsof GLPOLY have been supplied in batches to first-line clients such as National Defense Equipment Department, Huawei, DJI and NIO Automobile for a long time. The quality is guaranteed. So many top clients are using our thermal conductive materials, what else do you have to worry about?


GLPOLY modified epoxy thermal conductive structural adhesive XK-D12L has a long service life, which is verified by accelerated aging test of well-known domestic cell manufacturers. It can easily crush traditional polyurethane thermal conductive structural adhesive of the same industry.


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