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GOLDLINK TONGDA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD has been got UL voltage safety certification, we are the first one in domestic

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 XK-S20 thermal conductive adhesive produced by GOLDLINK DONDA has passed UL voltage resistance safety certification, indicating that it can be safely used as insulation material. As for UL certification, we think about it is flammability certification, in fact, this certification is only one of the UL certification, there are many other certification, including voltage resistance certification.


GOLDLINK TONGDA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD has been got UL voltage safety certification, we are the first one in domestic


Chatting with an engineer of a new energy electric control , this company ranks third in this field in China, as for client are Byd, Xiaopeng Automobile, Guangqi Honda. Mention of thermal conductive adhesive, the engineer said, the supplier they use, which there is no safety certification, each location is added a piece of insulation film, insulating film on dispensing place and looks like a patch for clothes, appear very messy, they project leader looked very uncomfortable, and require to improve for design.

He consulted no less than ten manufacturers, but these manufacturers do not this certification, only thermal conductive pad materials has safety certification of pressure, because thermal conductive adhesive can't guarantee the thickness ,which in the process of dispensing consistent, if there is a bubble inside and any impurity conduction inside, any thing goes wrong, and you fail the pressure test.


GOLDLINK TONGDA ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD has been got UL voltage safety certification, we are the first one in domestic


After chatting, I sent him the safety certification of GOLDLINK TONGDA Thermal Adhesive XK-S20. He was surprised and asked me, How did GOLDLINK TONGDA do it? First of all, GOLDLINK TONGDA thermal conductive raw materials are all insulation materials, mixing and filling process, which go through rigorous vacuum defoaming technology, eliminate the air inside the thermal adhesive. In the dispensing path design of thermal adhesive, GOLDLINK TONGDA has developed an exclusive software simulation system to help customers design perfect dispensing path and eliminate the phenomenon of thermal adhesive leakage. To ensure that the thickness of the thermal adhesive is 1MM and the pressure is more than 10 KV, GOLDLINK TONGDA is the first one,who has applied for UL pressure test on the market. I also introduced that if your company needs higher pressure design requirements, GOLDLINK TONGDA also has a military level formula with 1MM thickness and 25 KV pressure resistance, which guarantees that no domestic manufacturer can do it. The engineer was immediately shocked by this, and asked us to immediately provide the sample of XK-S20 thermal conductive adhesive for his test and verification.


It is no doubt the customer was very satisfied with the test results. The next thing is to remove all the insulation film of the old design, directly apply GOLDLINK TONGDA thermal conductive adhesive XK-S20 glue chip, and then cover the radiator, because the new design greatly reduces the thermal resistance, not only save the process, the thermal conductivity effect is also up, the temperature is 20% lower than the previous scheme. After finishing the order, the engineers also give our company highly praised.


GOLDLINK TONGDA XK-S series thermal conductive adhesive, thermal conductivity is from1.2-6.5W , high thermal conductivity and high insulation, can provide voltage resistance UL safety certification, long-term supply to many new energy vehicles electric controller industry cleint, quality guarantee. GOLDLINK TONGDA thermal conductivity adhesive, you are worth to try.

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